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A deep inner knowing that there was more to healing then treating a physical symptom presenting in the body, lead Belinda to pursue the path of Kinesiology. 

A Registered Nurse with a history of health conditions labelled as 'normal' by specialist western health practitioners lead her to follow her gut and dig deeper into the cause of these debilitating symptoms. 

Kinesiologists in the family had shone the light on this incredible modality which is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. A hunger to know more had been activated within. A passion was born. 

It is well known worldwide that the body holds emotion and stuck emotion can manifest into physical symptoms. Kinesiology approaches all aspects of ailments by taking the mind back in time to when the emotion was stored in the body and clears it from the subconscious in a variety of non invasive ways. 

Clearing emotion from the body & subconscious mind is profound and life changing. 

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"I began working with Belinda five short months ago & in that time my life has completely transformed. 
The progress I have made & the deep wounds I have healed are truly life changing for me"


"Both my children & I have been seeing the beautiful Belinda for over 12 months. My own self growth & healing results have been so beneficial.

This in itself is a true reflection of the genuine, caring and knowledgeable guidance that Belinda provides.

For anyone experiencing any health related concerns from headaches to a sore foot, I cannot recommend this enlightening lady enough"


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